There are currently eight fantastic contributors to the Empire.  Each one is talented, driven, and consistently producing amazing content.

The Queen

The photographer, notorious for apologizing to her mother every time she publicly posts a set. Combining her love of writing with her love of fashion, there’s an entire concept called Flesh For Fantasy, devoted to conceptualizing the self portraiture. (And yes, that is a Billy Idol reference.)

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The Kitten

This kitten’s got claws. There only three ways to describe this glorious Queen… Cosplaying, lewd succubus. You never know what you’re getting with her. It could be a cosplay set, it could be a implied, it could be a complete and total fetish you didn’t know you had.
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The Sass

They’re hella sassy and their cosplay’s.. are sometimes classy. This cosplayer delivers the good, the sass, and the ass. While they notoriously pose in amazing cosplays/ there are some lewd sets out of cosplay as well.

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The Glitter Goddess

Like Glitter, this vixen glistens in front of your eyes and before you know it, you’re stuck on her. She delivers her own little sparkle on cosplay and on the lewd community.

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The Cherry Bomb

Holy fucking cherries! She’s sweet, petite, and sometimes shows a little extra peach! Cosplayer turned completely creatively “bad”, she serves at least one cosplay a month, followed by a pinup that is so good, it’ll leave you drooling for more.

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