Stay At Home.. But I Miss You.

Jun 26th, 2020

The borders are closed, the doors sealed, here I am on my couch.. just thinking of you.

I miss the feeling of you whimpering underneath me while I tease you with my fingertips.. Remember you said you’d never submit to me? It’s never been so goddamn hot in here. I miss you.

I won’t say I’m waiting on a text from you, that sounds too needy.. I’ll just say that my phone is nearby. Even with the fan on full blast, it’s scorching. No matter how much air I circulate.. It won’t be enough. I need you here.. I miss you.

I can’t please myself without you watching, closing my eyes.. I see you watching me, I feel your smile on my skin.. I’m completely destroyed by that fucking smile..

Why does the danger that both of us could be completely destroyed by a single night together contribute to the appeal of the wait.. The longing.. The complete and earth shattering explosion that is accumulated by the thought of you. The thought of us.

I’ve never wanted anything more in my life.


I miss you.

Even after this all over, I’ll probably still stay at home just to avoid the truth. I am completely and hopelessly infatuated to the brim by you.

I can’t be around you and have this sense of the unknown.
Fuck my goddamn life, I’ll just always stay at home.

-The Queen


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